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Welcome! I'm a 23 year old college student with a major in law, with an everlasting love for books. I'm in desperate need of friends to talk about the stories I read :).

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This is a Maggies Stiefvater second book about our dear raven boys. If you haven't read it yet I would advise you to read it first and then come back after to discuss all the details, because yes! I am going to spoiler you. Big time!


I had high hopes going in to this book and many questions that I was looking forward to getting answers to. I gave this book 3 and a half stars and it hurts my heart to say that I liked the first one better. The story is full of mystery, fantasy and action and it's all beautifully written by the author but it's all focused mainly on Ronan and Adam and less on Gansey and Glendower.. Wait Glendower who?


I think it was only fair the focus on Ronan seeing that the first one ended with him confessing his ability to draw thinks out of his dreams. I liked the way Maggie described his ability, I think its really interesting the comparison between the barn filled with everyday thinks from his father's dreams and the nightmares that torment Ronan. I did not expect the part about his mother. So she came out of a dream and I'm glad she woke up at the end even though its a bit confusing on how she was able to conceive children but yet fall into a "coma" when Niel dyed, I mean if they're half dream material how come they are awake? 


I didn't really connect with Ronan, he's a tough guy to get to. He really struggled through his life, suffering for the lost of his father, always hiding a secret from the world, but Maggie didn't make it any easier to like him. And the decisions he took made me angry, like trusting Kavinsky even though he is known for being a criminal and a drug addict. Spending time with him may have been useful but Kavinsky was a no no for me from start to end. I liked his last line before he dies: "life is made of nightmares" or maybe I was just glad he was gone.


I was hoping to have a clearer view and evolution of the Gansey/Blue situation but that didn't happen as much as I wanted. Blue is obviously in love with him and he becomes more aware of her presence and the last scene where they almost kissed was awww. But I mean ok, nice.. give me more!!


Adam is the one I liked the least. First of all he knows something is wrong but doesn't want to talk about it and he takes it out on Gansey which was annoying. Also he assumes he and Blue are a couple, when really she has the same tipe of relationship with all of the boys. I didn't see any bit of romanticism, no dates no talks no nothing and i was glad she pointed it out in the end, but then again the way she does it.. I don't really think it was fair to Adam to be the last one to know the real reason, she could have said it way before.


Adam is somehow connected with Cabeswater and he manages to help Ronan get the energy he needs in the final battle. I must admit that when reading about Persephone's predicamen, at first when the magician card came out I thought: "oh he must have a connection with Persephone, I mean she could be considered a magician somehow right?" Wrong, turns out he is the magician and there maybe be no connection what so ever with Persephone, she is only there to help him. I really want them to be together I think it could be possible, why not right?


Not only I didn't had the answers I was looking for, but then a new character comes along and makes it all more confussing. The Gray Man is nice, sorrounded by mistery and very good at what he does, with a passion for poetry wich i really enjoyed.

He falls really fast for Maura and I was a bit surprised on how easily she accepted the fact that he was a hit man and went on a date, ok she stole his wallet but you can tell she has a soft spot for him. 

In the back of my mind i was thinking wheres Artemus? Will we have a love triangle when he comes back? No. Why? Because Maura disappears in the end..bummer. 


All in all I liked the book and im curious to see how it all turns out because now I have even more questions than before like: is the Gray's Man brother dead? Where is Maura? And Glendower? And Neeve, why doesn't anybody worry about her? I guess I'll have to wait for the next book to come out.


This are my humble thoughts :)

What about you? What did you think, did you liked it?