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Welcome! I'm a 23 year old college student with a major in law, with an everlasting love for books. I'm in desperate need of friends to talk about the stories I read :).

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Falling Into You

Falling Into You - Jasinda Wilder I don't even know where to start but let me tell you this book is really messed up and awkward. It starts of kind of cute with memories of the first love, the first time and all, with lots of True Blood references which I highly enjoy and then it becomes dark, like really dark. Depressing. So I'm there almost crying, let me underline that ALMOST because the guy's corpse isn't even cold yet and she's already into his brother. You know the saying: there's lots of fish in the sea? Well no. Apparently there's only the brother of her dead boyfriend and that's wrong on so many levels.
I gave it 2 stars because my 1 star goes to books I cant even finish, and this one I regret getting there because trust me if you find the story at least as disturbing as I did you will only get grossed out once again by the turn off events and the awkward ending.
Save your time and pick a different book.
Much love, munchkins.