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Welcome! I'm a 23 year old college student with a major in law, with an everlasting love for books. I'm in desperate need of friends to talk about the stories I read :).

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Feral Sins

Feral Sins - Suzanne  Wright Wow... this book was just wow. So the scene everybody talks about? Yep! In my brain now and can't get it out.. Miss Suzanne Wright let me just tell you, you do have a hell of an imagination!
I picked up this book because it was on top of wolf/romantic/erotic listopia and boy was I NOT disappointed. Loved the characters and also the plot. Suprinsingly it does have a pretty good one. The bitchy comments between Greta and Taryn made me laugh out loud and you realise right away she's not the typical latent wolf.

“Wouldn’t you like to slip into something more comfortable though? Perhaps a coma?”

Going back to that scene, well it really didn't fit in the plot. Don't get me wrong it was intense, and I truly haven't ever read anything like it but it didn't go well with the possessive/jealous Trey and independent/bitchy/alpha and not submissive Taryn. Enjoyed the moment but after, all I could think about was: why isn't the day after awkward for everybody? You really can't pretend nothing happened and drop the prego news, it was too well imprinted in my head.
4 full stars for me.
Much love, munchkins.